Friday, March 09, 2007

Yesterday I drived mysef to Maidstone and back. a long day. Nice countryside around Maidstone.
Boring drive home, especially along the M40 for the final bit, in the dark. Lived on Cheddarie biscuits and cheap nasty dark chocolate from Netto. Quality food, eventually washed down with a sausage roll and Lucozade from Oxford motorway service. a bargain at £3.12.
Three pounds for a sausage roll and a bottle of pop ? Whats the world coming to.
But hoorah ! Monday was going to be a long day, off to Brussels in the morning for a one hour metting, then back in the afternoon. Now the meetings on Tuesday. Flight already booked, so it is cheaper to move the return flight to Tuesday and stop overnight in Brussels. But its at a Campanile, not one of my favourite hotels. and in a grim industrial suburb, with no signs of places of alcoholic supply. But needs must when the devil drives.


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