Friday, February 16, 2007

MTB built.

Knuckled down Wednesday evening and built my new Giant frame up, then drank some wine.
Finished it off yesterday evening, now I just have to ride it.
Went back on bikemagic, the first cycling forum I went on back in 2000 and blimey, I'm still there, not banned. I did stop posting there in disgust after some of the anti-US comments that people posted during 9-11. The tone seems more sensible, most replies to a post about ridiculous rock singers coming together to sing for the climate with the blessings of Saint gore, and no doubt St. Geldorfff, are critical and also some are realising that man-made global warming is a hippy myth.
So this weekend off to Bristol, should really go and shoot, but that will have to wait. Should also try and get some miles in, at least an hour tomorrow.


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