Thursday, February 01, 2007

Only Foods and Sauces

Is the name of a breakfast caravan, just up the Dudley Road. Top marks for an imaginative name. And also top marks for their bacon and mushrooms on thick crusty white bread at only £1.40.
And last Saturday we bought a new fence post, metal spike and whanged it deep into the ground and fixed, after only 4 weeks, the back garden fence. And also did a running repair on the shed roof, a very Heath-Robinson affair made of a big sheet of plastic held down by a few old fence posts and stones. Next thing, must get a new shed. That was the highlight of my weekend.
On Tuesday off to Fred Williams and half-heartedly bought a Giant XTC frame, that is in a rather horrible brown colour, which is why it was so cheap. Not sure about the size, its pretty well the same dimensions as my existing mtb frame. Hmmm.
The mtb frame i have is 11 years old ! I bought it from FW's Dudley shop in 1996 after the second-hand Pace forks i bought wouldn't fit in my crappy Zinn mtb frame. That was the second worst bike frame I ever bought, in 1990 and it cost me £500 ! Bendfloppy construction, not too good for a top-of-the-line racing machine. ha hahaha.
Then, hard to believe, but true, I bought another donkey in 1999 with my bonus, the horrible hand-made Renolds 853 road frame. Cost, about £500 - theres a pattern emerging. Total and utter rubbish, I eventually found a defect in the head tube, but by then the business had long gone. The £200 Tifosi frame I bought in 2001 is still going strong. The £300 Look I bought in 2002 was rubbish, because it was an old model designed for 8 speeds, and the alignment was wrong for 9, fine at first, but I think that crash in the race at the end of 2002 did for it, as it nearly did for me.
Must do some work, the Dutch are ont very happy with what i have been doing for them.


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