Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Blogger and Old Blogger ?

Blimey, I am so old and behind the times that a new version of Blogger has crept up on me, making my current Blogger old-fashioned.
Ha. The google blog sign-on is exactly the same, so why the two entry points on Blogger first page ?

Weather for today, in Bala, is torrential rain, with a freezing level of 1000M, just above the top of Aran Fawddy:

Which is where I was planning on going today, to try out my Salomon mountain boots over a decent distance. Not exactly alpine, but somewhere I have yet to climb. The forecast for next week is better, colder, snow on Monday and dry on Tuesday. Tuesday it is, all being well.

These boots weren't made for walking, but thats all that they done, apart from a scary scramble up a track covered in ice.

Yesterday evening had a nice Australian red, from a screw-top bottle, £5. wine under a fiver seems very hit-and-miss, but I had a Spanish Rioja over Christmas, £9, that was so-so.


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