Friday, January 12, 2007

To Portsmouth on Monday, very, very wet day. Bought a nice 19" flat screen monitor from Novatech, which is, usefully, just over the road from my client's site.

Office Tuesday.

To Newport along the M50 in yet another rainstorm. Went over the M4 bridge to see daughter in Bristol on Wednesday evening. The whole of Wales is now multi-lingual. How much did putting every single sodding road sign up in Wygglsh and English cost the English taxpayer ?
Very depressed to see, on the M4 over The Severn Bridge, a sign welcoming me to England, with 'Welcome to England' in the cretinous, pre-Roman language as well as in English. What the fuck ?
Daughter's boyfriend had his mountain bike stolen, from a locked room, chained to some railings.
The thieves smashed open a door, and cut through the railings it was chained to, to get his bike. Bastards.
Crossing from Wales to england over The Severn is free, crossing from england to Wales - £5.10p.
Had a scrumptious XL double bacon cheeseburger washed down with a bottle of excellent Rioja from Tescos. Where all the signs are multilingual.
Multilingual is fine in, say, North Wales where many people speak Welsh. But in Newport, where there are few, maybe none Welsh speakers, why ? Are we going to see bi-lingual Gaelic and English signs across the whole of Scotland (paid for from English taxes, as is everything the Scots enjoy free)
Ho and indeed, hum.


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