Monday, December 18, 2006

Office Party

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. According to some, I was very well-oiled after drinking wine at the afternnon bash, then washing it down with some tins of lager n idiot left in the fridge. I somehow made my wobbly way to the Blue Brick, was almost thrown out for loudly criticising the new decor. So what was wrong with a coal fire and gas lamps ? They were just so cosy. Tried to make out with Ian H's wife, the minibus driver initially refused to let me on, as I was pissing against the wall. Arrived in Broad Street, had an altercation with someone that bumped into me. Wended my swerving way to the Market Tavern and had a brilliant time bouncing away to punk bands. I remember the punk bands, i can't remember anything else, including how I got myself home. Wasn't too late, but I was very, very drunk.

After the events of last Friday I am applying to be the next
Bishop of Southwark.


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