Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A typical busy day in the House of commons

Here are our leaders discussing how our lives will be run, namely the transport bill. These people are really worth a 66% pay rise ! Wow, what value they give us ! I'm going to find out if my MP was at this debate, and ask him about his views on making me pay even more for the priviledge of doing my job.
What gives me some hope about the whole idea of road pricing is that the technology is very immature, and the European Union is bringing in a European-wide tolls directive, which will set out exactly how tolls can be charged and priced. This European regulatory framework is in its early stages, so the UK can do nothing until 2012 when the regulatory framework will be in place. It will take more time after that to plan wholesale road pricing. I wonder where the European rules stand in relation to congestion charging ? Birmingham is one of the cities chosen to test out road pricing, I wonder how this will work ? Could it be shown to be illegal under European rules ?
Ha ha ha ! The European law being useful !


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