Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So, the Boy prepared for A level Physics and chemistry by taking a double science GCSE, whatever that is. Whatever it was wasn't sufficient preparation for studying science at A level. So we had his predicted possible grades and the level of effort he is putting in for each the subjects he is studying for at AS leve. And they were all, with the exception of chemistry, A or B grades, with an effort level of 1. Except chemistry, which he has a predicted C, effort of 2. Now, I really think this is down to the lack of depth of the GCSE science course. Well, we go to see his tutors this evening, I will ask his chemistry tutor what additional work he could do, and how i could help him. Well I studied chemistry as an undergraduate, so hopefully I can help.

Word of the day - Fuckbottles. (again)


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