Thursday, October 12, 2006

What has transpired since last time I could be arsed to blog:
Last week was hectic. Sunday drove to Folkstone through some torrential rainstorms. Through the tunnel, then to Paris. First problem was paying the toll, booth on the left ! Very nervy drive round the Periphique, Paris ring road, found my exit, found the hotel more by luck. Had a couple of beers, and a bottle of wine.
Work, then early night.
Work, then off West to the wilds of France. Just drove until I found a small place and stopped the night in a crappy room, drinking too much wine. Off to tunnel next morning. Arrived home Wednesday evening.
Thursday went to Windsor, another epic drive, and a few problems to solve.
Friday bacon sarny day in the office.
Saturday lazed about.
Sunday down to Bristol, had a meal, didn't like it.
Monday Newport, and dropped some food off in Bristol.
Tuesday office.
Wednesday home. But got a cold.
Ho hum.


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