Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hello. Its Saturday, and its Tiswas.
No it isn't. Its 30 years on and no more Tiswas. Shame.

Well, went out last Saturday to Dai in Merry Hill and David bought a Weihrauch air pistol. Then out for a mtb ride in the afternoon. Left him behind up Turves Green, over Cofton Hill, in fact every time the gradient increased I left him behind.
Worked in Portsmouth again last week. Had a look at suspension forks in Williams on Tuesday. Decided to get a pair. And as my 18 year old wheels only take old-style 7 speed, ordered some new wheels, and also STI gear/brake levers for the new 9 speeds. Lucky I'm getting a bonus and overtime from Spain next week.
Ho hum.
Actually went out and did 10 (10, ha ha) miles on my road bike, felt fine and went up Lee And hill (1 in 5) in 39 x 16, which is about 66. Was going to try out shooting at a range, but David is tired after walking back from college a few times last week. Awww.

Now the islams are moaning that the Pope quoted a 14th Century Pope from Constantinople, who said (not surprisingly as Constantinople was threatened by the swords of islam) that only evil came from mohammed, and islam is only spread by the sword. So instantly some muslilms threatened violence, saying islam isn't violent ! Daft medieval fuckers.


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