Friday, August 18, 2006

Interesting comments from British muslims on BBC's have your say.

Most say that British foriegn policy is wrong. Wrong in what way ? Are we being too fierce to the French ? Cruel to Cuba ? Bullying Borneo ?
No, we are figting evil in Irag, Afghanistan and not calling for a cease-fire soon enough in Lebanon.
i.e. fighting wars in places where muslims are, and not condeming a country that dares to stand up for itself against the aggressors that surround it.
Well, supporters of Al-Quedophiles, maybe you think you have have the moral high ground, and us in The West are running scared, but we have been the cradle of civilisation and had the power and knowledgde to rule the world since the days on The Greek civilisation that flourished at the end of the Bronze Age, almost 2000 years before mohamed reared his ugly, evil head.
Do you think the collective will of us all that enjoy the greatest, most profoundly good civilisation will allow some dirty arabs from a desert to rule our world ? I don't think so.


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