Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lawyers now also expert on climate change science;

WWF supporting crackpot lawyer to swim the Thames;

The 36-year-old lawyer will start out on Monday at Kemble, Gloucestershire, and finish at Southend-on-Sea in Essex.
Mr Pugh, who currently works in London, has taken up the Thames challenge to draw attention to a campaign by environment organisation World Wildlife Federation (WWF) to stop climate change.
"Experts predict that by 2080 or possibly earlier, the ice in the Arctic Ocean will disappear completely during the summer months unless we cut our carbon emissions considerably," he said.
"If the sea ice melts away, polar bears will starve. But climate change is not just affecting remote areas like the poles. It's here on our doorstep and I feel very strongly that it's time to do what I can to help raise awareness of the issues.
"I'm hoping my swim down the River Thames will bring the message home that we all have to do what we can to prevent this global catastrophe."

"If the sea ice melts away, polar bears will starve" !

Call me picky, but in my mind, great big things that eat people starving to death seems to be a good thing !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

picky! and also a bit sad.

8:26 AM  

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