Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A little rant to the BBC;
Dear moderator, I know you won't put any of my comments on the 'have your say' website, as you are scared of muslims, and follow the politically correct path of not offending anyone. You will no doubt tut tut at what I say and think because I criticise islam, that I am that most reprehensible thing; a racist. Well I have friends that are muslim, and have argued about what they believe with them. I have read enough of their sacred book to know the hatred of unbelievers and Jews that it tells its' followers to believe. You sirs, at the BBC are guilty of lies in saying that islam is peaceful. I was a liberal humanist, but I even found myself thinking of voting BNP at last Mays council election as it seemed the only party that admitted islam is a danger to us in the West. Scary or what ? But I saw sense after looking on the BNP website and realised that they are mad as a barrel-load of very mad hats. Until last July, my only source of news was BBC radio, t.v. and websites. Now my 1st choice of news is Sky, then CNN and then the BBC. I was disgusted when the BBC started referring to the 4 murderers of 7 July 2005 as 'bombers'.
To all the BBC employees and so on and so forth, I hope something terrible happens to you, such as having some treacle smeared on your best suit, or worse ! Maybe a strange shaving/chandelier related incident as happened to David Hasslehoff recently.
But ! Joking aside, please note; Israel is the only free country in the Middle East, it allows freedom of speech and faith. Palestinian terrorists are not freedom fighters, Africa is mostly a backward country that we have spoilt by throwing money at it, The British Empire was nothing to be ashamed of, The United States is a truly great country that has protected and nourished freedom for the last 100 years, Saddam Hussien is an evil man that deserves death, Afghanistan is a country that deserves better than having the taleban try and take it back, and British soldiers that are killed deserve better than second billing on the main news program, and the BBC has become the enemy of free speech.

I tried to put this on a BBC 'have your say' website, in response to 'How can muslims be engaged'.
For some strange reason, they never post any of my comments, even the relatively level-headed ones.


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