Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Some things are good, some things are not so good. This applies to many things. Shops. Shops are generally good. What a joy to go shopping at Asda in Horwich at 23.30 when I had the urge to eat crisps and drink some cheap wine. How cool is that ? Twenty years back I'd be lucky finding a supermarket selling a decent range of wine, let alone one that stayed open all night.

Isn't everything brilliant !

We (me too, sometimes) moan about the horribleness of the consumer society, but, oh boy, its just so good.
Even garages have a mini-mart attached, so I can fill up with petrol, buy some paracetamol, a tin of Red Bull and a bottle of wine for later.
Which reminds me, I must get a dust-cap for my front wheel as the fitter forgot to fit it.
Was it a Kwik Fit fitter that forgot to fit it ?
No, Tyre Sales. 2 punctures in a similar thing in 5 weeks, left hand front had a big nail, then on Friday I noticed some steel in the right hand front, and could see air coming out.
Must take in the PC from home to see about getting 300 Gig disc fitted.
Nothing last night, had a nice home-made beefburger.


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