Thursday, June 29, 2006

On 1 July 1916 My Grandad was fighting in the Battle of The Somme.
Private Donald Watt, Lancashire Fusiliers.

Thanks to him, and all my other relatives and everybody else that fought in 2 World Wars, I am free to post total drivel on my blog. And hold all sorts of opinions and disagree with people, and hurl abuse at those who govern the Country.
Long may this state of affairs last, but it looks like the lovers of true freedom have a fight on their hands.

Why did a chap from Northern Scotland join a Lancashire Regiment ?

Uncle Eddy was a Scots Guard, Uncle Todd was in the Highland Light Infantry (I think), Uncle Rex was in, what ? Thats only the ones I know. My Mother joined the Royal Nursing auxilliary in 1945 when she was 17.


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