Monday, July 03, 2006

God Bless America.

In spite of what the European media says, the USA is truly the Greatest Country in the world.

First Post on America

And us in Britain, are up shit creek, and we don't even have a canoe.

Crime up, more knife murders than ever during the 'knife amnesty' more gun crime than when carrying a loaded gun was perfectly legal, more of everything bad.
The muslims even have the nerve to organise something called Islam Expowhich will be running on the 1st anniversary of the London murders.

And Tessa Jowels, the minister of 'fuckmeIdunno' will open it, then rush along to commiserate with families of the victims of the murderers and the survivors. The big arsehole. I wouldn't want to shake hands with someone that just touched the enemy.

But, at least David Hasselhoff survived an attack from a chandelier.


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