Monday, July 03, 2006

Ah, my race !
I'm organising a race next Sunday, quite a lot of stuff to do yet. The first-aider has pulled out, so I have to find another one. I walked the course yesterday to prepare a 'risk assesment'.
I introduce myself to the security guard. He will ensure the toilets are open, but there are no cleaners so I will have to clear up after the races.
I had a letter this morning, claiming that a certain rider is cheating by pretending to be older than he really is. I will have to take this up at the club meeting this evening.

This Saturday, we took Joanne down to start living with Jordan at their flat in Bristol. We had to take both cars. The flat is quite small, a long, narrow living room/kitchen, an entrance corridor, bathroom and bedroom. The street is rough at one end, and into the centre of Bristol at the other.
I wonder how long it will take her to get fed up living there.
Ho and indeed hum, my little girl has gone !

No training over the weekend.
Looks like I'm off to Spain again next week.


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