Monday, July 10, 2006

Blimey. What a weekend.
Started badly, argued with Mrs C about tolerance on Friday night after far too much vodka.
Saturday mostly getting food for catering at race.
Sunday, up and went to put stuff in car, blimey. Rear tyre flat. Much running around to change wheels, then off, got to Business Park in plenty of time.
1st race - poor turnout, only 19 starters.
2nd race - much better, 24 starters, even Mr. Ivess himself. All said it was an excellent race, phew. Even though I got mixed up slightly as so many people lapped and all mixed up. Whatever.
Barbeque on the new barbeque for tea !
Got puncture repaired this morning. 3rd fucking puncture in 3 months !
This time it was a screw. Hmm, must check my tyres for suspiscious bits of metal.


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