Monday, August 14, 2006

The crummy town of Epila, Spain.

After a long blogless interval, here goes.
Lazy, working until 21.30, tiredness, nothing to say were all reasons why I couldn't be bothered with blogging.
What transpired since I last put fingers to keyboard ?
Last week flew to Zaragoza from Stanstead and hired a car. Stayed in PH Hotel in Zaragoza.
On the Sunday I arrived, checked in the hotel and drove to Sierra del Moncayo. Drove up to the Monastery, which was a tiny church and a hotel. At the end of a dirt track, not maybe the best thing for a hired Toyota Yaris. The walked up a track, the moastery was at 1600M, and walked up about 2/300 more, to 1800M, the highest I have ever been.
Back to Zaragoza, had a few wines.
Monday work, quiet evening.
Tuesday work, went for a pizza with Anchel, (Spanish Qad guy) then more wine.
Wednesday work, walked into el Pillar, looked in the Cathedral, had some food and beer, went to an Irish pub, more beer and vodkas. Woke up feeling poorly, felt rough all Thursday. Was sick Thursday evening after a couple of glasses of wine.
An islamist plot to blow up 6 or 10 planes in flight was uncovered in Britain.
Friday, easy morning, off to airport. Flight cancelled, found out I can get a flight on Saturday from Vitoria, 250 km north, so OK, back and checked in hotel, then off to look at Pyrenees !
Nice drive, nice scenery.
Saturday up the toll road to Vitoria, Northern Spain is greener and cooler !
Long queue for flight, it was late, long queue for passport control in Stanstead, but eventually got in car, off to eat a bacon double cheeseburger ! Then a long drive, and fianlly arrived home at 21.00.


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