Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fun this last week.
Tuseday had collected some new Conti mtb tyres from Wolverhampton, put them on in the evening.
Drank far too much on Tuesday evening, like a bottle of Absolut vodka, 40% proof. Not good as it led to some sort of showdown with Mrs Cog, ended up writing Hazel's address on a pice of paper, with a heading - this is where I will be living soon. Sent Hazel a text to say I'm being chucked out.
Tuesday worked at home, in Joanne's bedroom, with a good wireless connection, waiting for some sort of showdown when she came back from the shops. Looking at some of the stuff Joanne left behind made me realise how much I miss her. Passed of the address as a hotel I would be staying in when I go to work in Manchester after the holidays. Can't believe she swallowed that. Drink now banned, and all the keys hidden.
Anyhoo, had a call to say I would be working in Portsmouth for September and October.
Thursday went to bike shop in Wolverhampton to buy XT chainset and some rather neat mtb pedals, by some company I never heard of, probably from some Taiwanese mass-production line. But they are lighter and as good quality as the Shimanos which are twice the price.
Called Hazel, as she sent me 2 texts as she was worried about me.
Her cousin has gone to USA, with a green card but she can't get his cellar flat in Stockport.
I did offer to help her buy it, when I was in Spain, but that went cold.
Ho, hum.
Friday we celebrated gettin decent sales in UK, so red wine and pizza was had by all, and me especially.
Today we went to Bristol to see Joanne, went for a meal at the cheesey chip pub, no alcohol so had a horrible coke. But not before getting a parking ticket and a big yellow notice saying;
'Authorised for towing away' stuck on the side of my car.
Yes, Joanne said I can park on that road at weekends.
She seems happy there, which is good. So watched The Young Ones, and now to bed.
Some 'foriegners' were caught trying to blow up 2 trains in Germany. Couldn't possibly be islamic as the Germans are not bad like us in Britain and the Americans, the Germans don't support Israel or send their armies into Afghastlistan to fight the Al-Peadophiles.

Snakes on a Plane ! At cinemas NOW !

fartsyg is todays password.


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