Monday, January 15, 2007

A weekend when I did two training rides. Excellent. Well, not really training rides, more plods.
Saturday plod to Catshill, Bungay Lake, Wychbold, Stoke Works, Gambolds and Lickey home.
A couple of beers Saturday night, and 1/2 bottle red.
Sunday a very easy plod , Hopwood, Alvechurch, Watery Lane (quite watery) and Hopwood home. Discovered a useful way of avoiding the scary, badly designed roundabout-cum-junction thingy at the top of Longbridge Lane. Go up a service road that comes out on the main road. A bit of a pain to cross the main road, but I feel safer doing that than negotiating the island then having to swing across the fast bit.

Dad for dinner, then did some work on the horrible Scheduling stuff. Can't get it right.
Then fun stripping rear hub, greasing and re-assembling it.
Shimano 105 wheels - used 'em since 2001, ridden in some awful wet weather, and across rough roads, Still true and the bearings are perfect ! Must have ridden at least 5000 miles on them.


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