Friday, February 02, 2007

Good news, bad news

Good news everybody - I'm still in gainful employment. In spite of all my misgivings, I wasn't given my marching orders, maybe next period end...
I saw a rather nice Weihrauch HW 77K, so if I get a good price for my pistol, I'll trade it in, or maybe, if I make more than £500 on my share options, I'll keep the pistol and buy the rifle. - £325 including a telescopic sight !

Bad news

The breakfast caravan on Dudley Road was closed as I came past this morning, so no early breakfast. I missed out on toast especially ! So I went to Sainsburys and made my own breakfast out of croissants.

A whole bunch of those Islamist chaps were detained by the Officers of the Law for some nutty plot to capture a soldier and tickle him with feathers until the Government agreed to introduce Sharia law in Britain. Now the locals are unhappy that PC Plod came knocking on possible naughty peoples doors at 4 in the morning. It interfered with them going to buy milk from the corner shop, apparently.

Bike stuff - thinking about giving the giant back and getting something else, difficult to get an integrated headset to fit. And still not sure about the colour. Hmmm.
Must do some training this weekend, done some bouncing about on the bouncy ball this week, but I aint gonna win no races on that diet.


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