Monday, February 12, 2007

Snow and more snow.

The office closed at 14.00 on Friday, as some poor diddums might have to struggle home in the snow. so ha ha, I went to see if my Dad was OK as he won't go out the front door in the bad weather, and he had mentioned he was worried about having some food. Snow falling all the time, wet and slushy. Went and bought him some sandwiches and milk from Asda. Snow falling, and beginning to cover once clear roads. Left at 15.00. Even the main road is a little bit snowy. Well, got through the tunnels OK, onto Pershore Road, all well, then after Tally Ho it slows. Think about going up a side road but traffic moves. Then traffic stops, and stayed stopped. Went up a side road onto Bristol Road, which seemed to be moving, until I joined it, then it too stopped. After Oak Tree Lane turned right, a very slidy trip but little traffic, made it to Merrits Hill, a scary slide down the hill, up to Hill Top, and across an almost stationary Bristol Road to arrive home at 18.00. 3 hours for 14 miles.
Saturday went shopping, rain and thaw. Sunday went to see Dad and started building new mtb,
bugger, the bearing race on the forks didn't fit, so had to lever it off. And buggery bollocks, the front changer is slightly too small for the seat tube, tried to file it to size, but decided to get a new BB mounted one, and bugger again, the brake boss blanking bolts are the wrong size, and now the 10 cm stem is too short with the new frame geometry. So; ordered a 13 cm stem, more bolts and a bb mounted XT changer. Ho hum, might as well get a new XT rear changer while I'm in the ordering mood.
Did a couple of bouncy ball sessions last week.

XT rear changer, nice.....

Decathalon sell La Sportiva Nepal Top Extreme boots, might see if the local store can get me a pair. Nice,....Boots with a proper Vibram commando pattern sole, not that rubbish 'cheap workboot ' pattern on my Swiss bought at 400 Swiss Francs, Chinese made wanky Solomon boots. The useless slidy-soled pieces of shite.
Proper soles;


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