Friday, March 21, 2003

Aha, Friday. I have given a training course, a bit of a struggle at first, I began to lose my voice on the first day from not being accustomed to public speaking, so drank lots of water. Only one on the course, but it was quite good in that a one-to-one imparted more learning and I think he picked the subject up well. He did say how much he enjoyed it ! The weather has been quite stunning of late, frosty overnight but clear and sunny and up to 14 C during the day ! The war in Iraq has started, with bombing and in invasion. Today I am at a company in Trowbridge, sort of SW of Swindon, that makes perfume for M&S and other companies. 110 mile drive down. Feel better about work as I have some to do ! I hope it lasts.

Monday, March 17, 2003

I was feeling bad about having to work in Grimsby so not being able to train, then Thursday I am in Thorne, Yorkshire so another day of not training, but why worry ? I'll look on it as a rest week. Now I have my diary filling up, as I take over projects from the guy that got redundant last week, Steve. I won't miss him, or Sally. I can never forget that Sally ran me down in front of a customer, and her 'coyboy outfit' comment when they took on TRW ISCS. So sometimes what comes around goes around.
Monday in the office of joy of fucking joys.
Saturday it was a bottle of red & 3 bottles of bitter, and an good conversation with Hazel on msn. Then flaked out at 0300 on the settee. A crap sleeep, and eventually went out at 10.00 on Sunday morning and plodded round Hopwood, and along the newly surfaced Ryknikd Stree, even the hill was nice new tarmac ! From a cart track as it was the last time I drove up it a few weeks ago ! And then round by Bransons Cross. Nice sunny day, little wind, frosty start. I was going to ride a 16 mile TT over at Knowle, but the thought of getting up at 0700 to get over there and racing in the cold at 0900 deterred me. Well I say deterred me, more like the last thing I ever wanted to do was to race along in freezing air when I think I have just about recovered from my illness. Resting HR was a bit high (54) last week, must see if it is down today.
Felt really pissed off about work, what is the future ? Is there one ? What is the point of slogging away, well, its because its what I do, and if I want to earn I have no option but to just get on with it. I have been living under the threat of redundancy for so long I'm getting sort of accustomed to it.