Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Its not their fault that they are fat ! So because I stuff burgers and beer down my gob, and thus get fat, its not my fault. Thats a relief !

Lovely BBC says -
Individuals can no longer be held responsible for obesity so government must act to stop Britain "sleepwalking" into a crisis, a report has concluded.

What sort of cunts compiled this report ? Its OK for me to eat myself to death because its not my fault. Fuck off BBC, you lefty bunch of tossers. How is the goverment going to act to stop us getting fat ? What the fuck has the Government to do with how I live my life ?

Monday, October 15, 2007


Today is Blog Action Day !
We should all blog about how to cut carbon emissions.
Bollocks. Stupid cunting idea from a cunty cunt.

Fuck off and die EU Commissioner Stavros.
This arse is paid a colossal amount stolen from our taxes to be able to inhabit a suite of air-conditioned offices and fly around the world telling people to stop using air-conditioning and flying. He is no doubt ferried around Brussels in a very large Mercedes.