Friday, September 13, 2002

Now it is Friday, and doing I think, my first ever post from Dartford. This has been a very busy week. I have had to fit in getting the document running at Horwich, which failed but not too badly, training, drinking heavily (I didn't have to fit that in, but I managed on Monday evening) a visit to the Trafford Centre. Going to Dartford, writing a specification, showing Jayne how to drive to Droitwich. Worrying about how to do the program changes in Dartford, worrying aout the not so going live of the documents in Horwich, then after Monday evening, worrying about drinking too much. Well, this afternoon I had a stroll along the tidal inlet round the back here (the Darenth ?) and it felt so good. My worries seemed less so, the sun was shining, it was warm and breezy. I hope that weather keeps up over the weekend. So far this year I've ridden 25 races, the most since 1981 when I rode 31. No wonder I'm feeling jaded. There are 2 more road races and the final Team Midland hillclimb. I remember last years, I suffered so much that I could barely keep the pedals going over the final rise !
Long journey home this evening. At least I will be going North up the M40 instead of South down the horrible M6. Though I do have to negotiate the clockwise M25 between Dartford and Heathrow.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Here I am on Wednesday. Monday night, drank 3 pints in bar, bottle of wine, then innumerable bottles of Smirnoff Ice. Yesterday I felt like shit ALL day. Combined with the first document going live it was hell. Everything worked, except a multiple page problem. Left latish, rushed out to meet Allan Ramsay for a training session. went round the usual Rivington circuit, a fast youngster joined in, dropped Allan, on the last lap I just slowed down and dawdled round. Going back had a really great view of the Lakes in the North, and Snowdonia in the South West. Stunning. Plus it was warm, not too windy. After Monday this was truly great. Then rushed off to Trafford Centre to meet H. Wandered round, back to hotel. Had a bottle of red to wash down the �1.45 bag of crisps I bought from Selfridges ! And did some work, sent some e-mails to try and resolve the problems. I feel a bit crappy even now. Very hungry though.

Monday, September 09, 2002

HEY ! WOW ! I know TWO people from Des Moines.
1. The IT head of the pump company (in Swindon, he never returned my copy of 'A Small Island' by Bill Bryson that other native of Des Moines),
The guy from the hearse car company (We make the lifts that lift you into paradise ?) that heped organise RAGBRAI.
Well, when he said he had just set off the cyclists on the ride across Iowa, I didn't realise just what that ride was. To see, refer to Drunkcyclist.
Oh jesus fucking christ. Mr Garlic has had a bath in it this morning. Today is looking worse.
Oh shit it is Monday morning once more, and today my first document goes live. Sort of worried about this since last week.
Thursday evening, raining. So went and got some wine and crisps. Had 3 pints in the bar. Started on the wine. Called secret red-head ! Very good fun.
Back to bar and onto Smirnoff ice. Well, about 4 bottles. Didn't stay drinking all night. Woke up lying on bed at 0400. So not that bad.
Saturday, rode race round Great Witley. Felt tired and achy. My computer packed in, I slowed to look at it, and when I was faffing around at the back a break of 12 went. Or rather, their pace split the bunch. We chased and almost caught them, but when we turned to go up Woodbury hill, they drew away. We kept the gap at 40/50 seconds for 2 more laps. Then on the last lap we slowed our chase. The pace reduced us to 7/8, with the main bunch over a minute behind us. We were about 50/60 seconds behind the leaders. At the start of the hill I jumped away and finished about 20 seconds in front of the group for 12th place. No prize.
Sunday I went and did a pleasant 35 mile ride around Catshill and Upton Warren (?) Stoke Pound. Then did a 2 mile spin to make sure the training bike worked, as I last rode it back in April (May ?). This brought my weekly miles to 201. Yet another 200 + week.
Spent yesterday evening in a state of gloom about work. Shouldn't really, As I'll be OK now until Xmas, as they want me here until then, and I have a few days in Dartford, starting Thursday !
Took my bike, my training bike, and shoe covers, so even if it rains, I'm training. Going to buy a front & rear light as well. Arranged to meet Allan Ramsey from Bury tomorrow evening for a spin.