Wednesday, July 07, 2004

A few days later....
Friday 25 June, rode the track, did crap. Last event was a 40 lapper ! Argh, finished well up, but out of the points.
Saturday, did nothing, I think. Drank wine.
Sunday, nowt.
Monday, zilch,
Tuesday, nothing.
Wednesday, 'worked at home' left early and up motorway. Collected Hazel and to the
Old Rosins Inn, Treacle Bank. Had a really nice steak.
Thursday went to Mill Shops, bought shorts. Then back home.
Friday, meeting in office, down to track and it was rained off, so bought wine, home and drank it.
Saturday, went to Fred Williams to collect chainring (wrong size) then to track for
masters sprint training, and it rained. So home.
Went to Lickeys on mtb with David, coming home through Cofton Park he went to see how fast he
could go, and lost it going over a bump at a right old speed. Luckily he was just badly winded,
he seems pretty tough, got up and we carried on home.
Bought beer and drank it.
Sunday, collected Dad for dinner, bought some more beer.
Monday, work.
Tuesday, down the track for a good hard session. Blimey ! Russian steps - 1/4 lap flat out,
1/2 lap flat out, 3/4 lap flat out, then 1 lap flat out. Then again. Then an Italian pursuit,
4 of us, 1st does 1 lap, peels off & stops, etc, blimey. HR max was 165 !
Felt better for that. Weight up to 83.4 Kg yesterday morning.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Blimey, yet another blog-less period. Er, did pretty much nothing of note, except rode the track on the 25th June.
Must publish more when I get time. Probably in Schiphol next week.