Thursday, April 01, 2004

What a lot I have to put down.
Or maybe not, as it has been crap.
Here we go. Wednesday, work, did a half hearted bash on the turbo. Thursday office, then up the M6 and collected Hazel, to TL in Didsbury.
Went for a nice meal at Cheshire Lines.
Friday got to office for 10, not bad going. What did I do in the evening ? Drink 4 tins of lager and a bottle of red.
Saturday was going for a 2 hour spin in the afternoon but didn't, such is my new-found enthusiasm for cycling. Went to the tip with some
bits of junk, had a look round DIY stores.
Sunday, up not as early as I imagined as I forgot to put the clocks forward. So off to Alcester, rode around to 'warm up'. Then off on race, 1st time up the hill blew out at the top. Did another lap but fuck it. I just couldn't be arsed.
Whic is the problem, I just have not keenessto race. I'm racing at the velodrome at Easter, so I had better be keen for that.
To that end I'm going for a session at Manchester tomorrow evening.
Sunday evening went to see Dad, then back for 8 big tins of lager. Pig.
Monday work and steady plod on turbo.
Tuesday work and hard turbo.
Wednesday work and a big greasy tea, so no turbo.