Thursday, October 16, 2003

I initially planed a trip up to see H on Tusday, after a day in Stoke, but that was canned, so I planned to go on Wednesday, but she is ill. So I decided to go to the Swallowfield for a post final race celebration. So booked my room on Tuesday. Got a 'phone call mid Wed asking if I would do a demo of Optio at RD in Stoke, so went there in the afternoon. Excellent. Off to Horwich, in time for a nice drive over Winter Hill. Had some wine, and a few in the bar, fell asleep in my room until 0200, then saw someone was still in the bar so went for a final couple with John & Lynn.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Tuesday. Monday I was busy. One of the guys that has worked here for so long, started in 1985, was made redundant yesterday.
That was a shock. I feel worse about the general situation here now.
Last week I went to Thorne, stayed in the hotel in town. Drank too much wine. Had a trip to Meadowhall.
Then left at lunchtime on Friday. Went up through onto the A1, through Ilkley and to Wharfedale and Kettlewell. (How is your Kettle, is it well ?) Then up Langstrothdale to Oughtershaw. Where I stopped by the river in Deepdale, began to relax and feel good, then up over the tops, stopped and had a terrific view of Ingleborough. Then Hawes, Ingleton, Nook and Cow Brow, down the M6.
Saturday had a smashing ride out to Rednal, Gambolds, Upper Bentley, Feckenham, Astwood Bank, Dagtail Lane to Webheath, Tardebigge and the usual ride back through Hopwood. All in warm Autumn sunshine !
Sunday up at 0630 !! To ride the FINAL race (well on the road, may do more at Manchester velodrome), with Pic, a two up. Went hardish, well within myself. It was hard because of the wind which rose during the second half of the race. Did 1.05.56 which was a minute faster than we did 2 weeks back. I was satisfied. Home. Then took David to Sutton Park for a nice ride round. Saw Daad, home and bought loads of cheap lager and drank it.
Monday, just went to work.