Friday, June 23, 2006

4 letter word. Last year I worked in Greece. Greece, those lazy, work-shy Greeks ?
No, those Greeks that start work at eight and finish at eight. Thats 08:00, and 20:00.
Well blow me down, there I was at six thirty waiting to get a lift back to the hotel, and no, they were all busy.
Spain, land of siestas and 'manyana'. No longer, land of the 10 hour day ! So there may be a 48 hours a week rule, but blimey, the Spanish work 48 hour days !

Barcelona airprt, better than Milan for shops, a Hugo Boss and a Paul Smith !

Monday, June 19, 2006

They built the New World;

These immigrants were forced from Scotlan's shores, and they went forth and built the New World, its manufacturing, its institutions, peopled its governments and made freedom their byword. They didn't harbour resentment or hatred, they just got on with it. Look at the list of names of mighty enterprises that now girdle the world - Macdonalds to name but one, and think where their founders were from.
This is the memorial, in Helmsdale, to the almost 1 million souls that were forced out of the North Highlands during the early nineteenth century.
Chin chin !

A good night !

OKish weekend, did a little spin on Saturday afternoon, after various garden-related fun, such as a visit to a massive garden centre. And mowed and tidied, good boy that I am. Had a barbeque Sat evening, the boy got it going without me ! Then, it cooked sausages and some kebabs, then went out ! Ha, and he coulnd't get it going again, so did the burgers under the grill. The beer was cold. Yum.
Sunday just collected Dad for dinner. And dropped the LVRC insurance details off with Alistair.
Today I'll be flying to Barceloa later on, tomorrow somehow getting to epila near Zaragosa.
Surprise, surprise;
(From skynews)
Britain's housing shortage has been mainly caused by a huge rise in immigration since Labour came to power, it has been claimed.
According to Migrationwatch, the country is in desperate need of at least 370,000 new homes.
And at least 70% of that figure is a direct result of more people than expected moving in to the UK, the group says.
But the claims were flatly rejected by the Government.

This is off skynews, no mention on bbc news, which is another not a surprise.

Ho hum.