Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Here I am on Tuesday. Last week - usual work, tubo for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Except the work was giving a training course in the terrible forms design software. Went off OK though. Thursday drove up to Manchester, for a nice night (including 2 bottles of red wine and a triple bacon cheeseburger) with Hazel. Left her sleeping early Friday, rushed down to the office for a meeting. Quite a good meeting.
Had some wine & beer in the evening. Bad move.
Saturday bought David a bike for his birthday, went to DIY store. Early to bed.
Sunday, 1st race. Fast, dropped on 2nd lap. Home in shame. Felt pissed off.
Monday in Minworth, went to see Dad, bought beer, drank it.
Ho hum.
So why did I blow on Sunday ? Training is fine, motivation isn't. I just feel that riding with exactly the same bunch for the past two years, with the races following the same pattern is become boring. The same people clip of the front in the same places in each race. The same people (me included) watch them go, the pace gets faster, 26mph avg in the howling gale on Sunday was awful. How much do these old guys train ? Don't they have jobs and a life ? I know some of the locals do 60 miles on Wednesdays, so thats me blown out. Seeing I have done 700 road miles since Jan 1 its pretty good I can keep up for 1 lap ! Peter was blown out at the start of lap 2, he carried on to finish, but I couldn't see the point. I will just plod on with my training, and I expect I will be at these blokes level in 2 months.
So no more LVRC races, just BC 3/4 events for the time being, race against some different people !