Thursday, June 14, 2007

George Monbiot

Crazy name, crazy guy !
I want to lick his toes and have his ecologically sound babies.
Mmm, yes, yes, YES! Do it for me George, uh, uh yes ! Defeat those evil airlines with their high-altitude emissions ! You know the sort of emissions I want George, and they are certainly not coming out the rear of a Jumbo ! No sirree Bob, I want you man-fat because its so green and clean.

What the hell am I blathering on about ?
I got a paper cut on my thumb earlier today, whilst in the office, so thats an industrial injury, I'll sue.
Talking of Sue, she 'phoned Mrs C earlier on. she had been on holiday.
Talking of holidays, its mid June and I have been nowhere near any big mountains so far this year (except for a wintry climb on Aran Fadgerwy, in Wales, where prescriptions are free)
But I did at least have an mtb outing to Cannock Chase, which is the furthest North I have been so far this year, unless you exclude Greenland.

Ah, my car is better ! Clutch repaired; new clutch, new flywheel, new linkage and all at Toyotas expense, plus they fixed my rear where I rolled into the bollard when the clutch went. Excellent service from the Toyota dealer. Had a look at the new Rav-4 and liked it, a lot. Mrs C took me down to collect the car, she likes the Aygo, so that may be her next car, price around £6500, so that should be a good buy. I like the look of the latest Honda CR-V , but the Rav4 XT5 is a nice looking machine, the 2.2 diesel is pretty good, and has a much higher acceleration than the petrol. Hmm, last diesel was the Peugot 305 I had for a couple of months in 1998 and 1999 before I got my first CR-V. Bit noisy, Joanne used to complain it woke her up when I started it up.
Raining now, cold too. Ho hum. Global warming a go-go.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The Greatest thing, on a Saturday morning, EVER !

Chris Tarrant - '.. you were either a Swap Shop household or a Tiswas household. You had your posh kids watching swap Shop and your council-estate kids watching us throw buckets of water at each other'.
That was me, a council-estate kid. Remember them, before they became sink estates ? They were somewhere that clever kids could grow up in, go to a Grammar School and get on a little bit.
Like me. Except what the hell do smart kids in crappy estates do ? Where do they go to escape now the only Grammar Schools left are almost entirely for the children of the middle-class ?

Anyhoo, Saturday 16th June is once again Tiswas day, with a probably lame tv show.

Channel 4OD (On demand) It says I can watch old programmes, and my favourite from the early 90s - Absolutely. Except I can't. I download the software, then keep getting various error messages whenever I try and actually look at something. So bollocks to channel4 OD.