Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The Greatest thing, on a Saturday morning, EVER !

Chris Tarrant - '.. you were either a Swap Shop household or a Tiswas household. You had your posh kids watching swap Shop and your council-estate kids watching us throw buckets of water at each other'.
That was me, a council-estate kid. Remember them, before they became sink estates ? They were somewhere that clever kids could grow up in, go to a Grammar School and get on a little bit.
Like me. Except what the hell do smart kids in crappy estates do ? Where do they go to escape now the only Grammar Schools left are almost entirely for the children of the middle-class ?

Anyhoo, Saturday 16th June is once again Tiswas day, with a probably lame tv show.

Channel 4OD (On demand) It says I can watch old programmes, and my favourite from the early 90s - Absolutely. Except I can't. I download the software, then keep getting various error messages whenever I try and actually look at something. So bollocks to channel4 OD.


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