Monday, May 21, 2007

Stage 12 of the Giro d'Italia.

The profile of this stage of the race shows it crossing the pass of Colle Dell'angelo at 2744 Meters.
How high ? 2744 ? Thats 9001 feet, more than twice the height of Ben Nevis, The UKs highest 'mountain' and 700M higher than I have ever been (2050M on Moncayo in spain). And they climb from almost sea level. The biggest hill i ever raced over was Clee, going from 250' to 1250' at Clee Hill, including the 1 in 6 of Angel Bank. The first time was in 1976, the last time in 2002 in an Old Fogeys race, alias the LVRC. But 379M isn't quite the same as 2744.

When I came back from working in spain last year I was full of the idea of climbing in the Pyrenees. And what have I done ? A climb of a tiddly Welsh hill covered in snow and ice. So much for that.
A typical weekend of not cycling, but at least I mowed the lawn. And celebrated Mrs Cs big birthday. Now we are both very, very old. Ha, hahahahaha.
Phoned H last week. Hmmm. Had a very strange dream last night, she texted me with details of someone, that was so real when I was waking up I was about to check my mobile for any new messages, as I seem to remember texting a very cutting reply. Ho humdiddy hum.


Anonymous Blognor Regis said...

Mind blowing altitude isn't it?

The higest I've been on a bike is exactly 1500m but that only rose up from the plain at about 700~800 metres.

Steepness wise, I won the Mid Devon CC Haytor Hillclimb in 1996. The following year I lost to the guy who went on to be national champion!

3:01 PM  

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