Wednesday, May 16, 2007

National Bollox to Everything Day.

Today is National Bollox to Everything Day. Well, it should be. Everything is total bollox.
Went to buy a newspaper but didn't, the headlines were all utter bollox.
Drank some wine last night. Daughter home from the town of Bristol to take some legal exams.

Raining and cold, so guess what: No cycling.

Giro d'Italia is on right now, after three hot sunny days in Sardinia, they are back on the mainland, where its raining. They went to Sardinia because its where Garibaldi is from.

Started reading Ulysses last night. Already read Dubliners and a Portrait of the artist as a Young Man, where are a sort of prelude to the great big foot-squashing tome of words, a veritable mountain of words, an immense great sodding lumpy ice-sheet stuffed to the brim with all sorts of words, a whole lot of words printed on lots of pages of paper, with both sides of each sheet covered liberally in words. So far they all seem to connect together making sentences, which are then grouped into paragraphs. Not yet come to a new chapter, but there may well be some.

Also read all about Arthur, King of the Britons, Dux Bellorum, who was not at all like he was portrayed in the Monty Python film, he probably dressed and behaved and spoke like a Roman General, which he was, he may have been Lucius Artorius Castus.
However, he didn't do enough to keep Roman Britain a cohesive state after he died.


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