Friday, June 01, 2007


My car is broken. Driving up over a hill wending my happy way home from the office yesterday evening, the engine seemed to struggle and over-rev, came down the other side, round an island, down a hill and blimey, I couldn't get it up. (fnarr fnarr !).
So stopped in the middle of the road, not the best place to be, so rolled backwards into what I thought was a drive, but I didn't notice the low bollards. Crunch crunchity clang, that left a dent. Called the rescue who took me and my knackered car home.
Ho hum.
Car is off to the dealers now, hope it can get done under warranty. As I left all the details about that in the glove box I don't know if its covered. Bloody hope so, or that may be the shed money gone.
Worked late until the cleaners closed the office on this bloody awful installed base thing.
Had pizza nd wine for lunch to celebrate someone leaving after starting as a secretary in Ansculf House in 1983 right at the start of the old company. What a long time to stay with the same place.
Last week we had an outside tap fitted, since then it has poured down every single day, including hail, thunder and lightening yesterday. So far today is dry. Might actually ride a bike later on.
Had a go at cleaning the slbs with the pressure washer we bought last year, works a treat. Well, thats interesting, isn't blogging a laugh ! An online journal of almost totally boring bollocks. Had toast and bacon for breakfast, just eat some yoghurt. My my, what excitement !


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