Thursday, June 07, 2007

Big boys and some toys;

Woodlands Airgun Club members posing with their toys on a Sunday morning in June.
An excellent place to learn how to safely handle and shoot an airgun, the laws regulating use and ownership of firearms and how to be a good target shooter.
There is a zeroing range, to practise target shooting and check the accuracy of ones airgun and a field target course.

What is this lump of rock I see before me ? Its a bit of scoria

possibly from the 1950s eruption of Nea Kameni, Santorini in the lovely Agean Sea. Alost 2 years since I was there. Ho hum.

Now I'm on the idiotic project from hell, where I may get a trip to Mexico at the very least which might just make all the crap thats happened worthwhile, ish. Why prolong the agony of a crap company trying to do business ? Just sell off your shares Mom and Pop, and let us sink or swim in the real world.


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