Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Some alcohol in a relaxed social situation.

I drink red wine, at home, often whilst sitting in the garden, to enjoy myself ! How dare I do that, and go against the wishes of those that know best. I also drink cheap and horrid lager (fine when freezing cold) and much nicer but more expensive beer at home. I have even been know to drink in bars and hotels. I must realise I am wrong and mend the error of my evil ways, before a policeman knocks on the door:
Evening Sir, you have exceeded your monthly wine allowance, and 'tis only the 2nd of the month, would you accompany me to the station so we may beat you with rubber truncheons ? You won't wish to ever exceed your allowance after we have finished with you, will you Sir ?

Car is due to be fixed by tomorrow or Friday. Oh good. Have to struggle into the office tomorrow to attend a crisis meeting on 'why the conversion is still not finished'. Obvious really, define exactly what is wanted, and do it, and check what is done is what was wanted. don't do a little bit, change the rules, do some more, decide what you have is OK, then decide it isn't OK.
Bunch of wankers, from here right the way to Santa Barbara.

May seemed cold and wet, but the Met Office announce May was 1 C above normal ! And yet Heathrow airport recorded the second coldest ever day in May ? Eh ? So May was cold, but warmer than average. Oh, of course with global warming it can never, ever be colder.


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