Sunday, June 03, 2007

National Punch a Hippy day

After watching the normal collection of hippies, pretend anarchists, twats in dreadlocks (a white in dreadlocks is just so wrong) attacking police in the anti-G8 demonstrations I thought its time the tables were turned on the collection of no-marks that protest at everything. Whatever they call themselves, however they dress and have their hair cut, they are all a bunch of hippies.
And what is the best thing to do to a hippy ?
Yes, punch him, so there should be a National (eventually International) Punch a Hippy Day.

DiLuca won the Giro, I have been out on my mtb, been shooting and David zeroed in my 'scope so I managed to knock some of the field targets down (!), the lawns are mown, it isn't raining, Scrapheap Challenge is on next, and I have a couple of tins of cheap crappy lager cooling in the fridge. Life is good (except for broken car - had to drive to the shooting club in Mrs C's car, ho hum)


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