Thursday, January 06, 2005

Oh, and I am drinking far too much. Sunday 3 bottles of beer, Monday a bottle of wine and 4 bottles of beer, Tuesday 2 bottles of wine, last night a bottle of wine and 2 beers. I am going to have to get seriously training to stop this.
Thursday, and my time in Switzerland draws to a close.
I am looking forward to getting back to training, before my muscles turn to lard.
Had an odd dream, or was it a dream ? Yesterday lunchtime I went a drive, not only did I see the mountains of the Bernese Oberland, but I also had views of the Jura, which are mere 1400M hills. That view seemed so familiar, did I dream about last night ? Hazel was also, I think, in the dream. There was something familiar about that view, I will go out tomorrow for a last drive, and see it again as long as the weather is OK.
She has been unwell, lots of kidney problems and a nasty bladder problem this week.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year. Well, I hope its a better year than 2004.
Here I am in Switzerland. Don't know for how long. This week at any rate.
Training started badly, with a couple of missed weekends in January, partly due to work, partly due to laziness. My racing was rubbish, from being dropped in the first race I rode in March (ha, the LVRC near Worcester) and in the second (the BC vets series). And the track, the great hope on which I spent almost a thousand quid on a new bike ? 18th in the Halesowen league, with many missed Fridays, I entered Manchester but heard nothing. Crap ride in the Midlands championships when Jayne cut her hand. Then just drifted out of training. Had a decent 2-up TT with Meg, helped out at the Team Midland TT. Started weight training but had to stop because of coming here to Switzerland.
And Hazel. Blimey, I think its left me permanently scarred.
Now its all back to more than normal. Bought her an original artwork, some fancy chocolates and some posh perfume. She bought me cologne, and lots of nice skin-care stuff. God knows, I need it !