Friday, November 01, 2002

Shit,shit,shit,shit,shit,shit,shit,shit,shit,shit. Another letter off the college. My little girl has been skiving again. 2 bottles of wine last night, and bed early this morning.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

I can hardly bring myself to write this. Yesterday (Wednesday) wifw was driving back from shops with daughter & m-in-law and some arse in a white van ran into her. She was waiting to turn right, indicator on. Daughter came running up saying van driver was shouting, I rushed round, but all cooled down as my wife layed into him ! Damage to car; initially just the rear wheel cover badly scratched & number plate light broken. Later found boot hard to shut, or rather tailgate. Looking this morning I see bottom of tailgate is bent, and tyre mount is damaged. Might mean a new rear door. Oh bollocks. Is this car bad luck ? I don't normally believe that stuff, but this is 2nd time car has been hit in 6 months, first time in mid May, 6 months ago.
Well, Saturday went on Bromsgrove bash, struggled on my heavy bike, I think it was more the heavy tyres. Fitted Conti 23cs I raced on on old Shimano training wheels, to see if that rolls easier on Saturday. Sunday, woke up early because of 80mph gale ! Some lump of stuff I heard roll down the roof. Looking at car it made a scratch and little dent on the bonnet. Oh joy. Stayed in that day. Drank loads Sunday evening.
Monday, took Joanne & David to Solihull. Did a spell on the turbo in the evening.
Tuesday; we all went to Ikea and I spent �50 on bits & pieces.
Wednesday; Car got crashed into. Oh joy.
Thursday, Arse. I'm working in Horwich. Woke up feeling glum and depressed. After a tin of Red Bull on the motorway I began to feel better. Going to Swallowfield tonight, but got myself a little circuit training routine to do before I hit the bar.
A quandary; should I include 10 miles per turbo session to add on to my miles total for the year ? Maybe.