Friday, May 28, 2004

So this is now a weekly blog, a regualar Friday thing !
Last Friday evening I rode the lovely new smooth track at Halesowen. It was pretty neat, it was so quiet, instead of a rumple of wheels there was just a swishing noise ! On the warm-up the derny came out, which gave us all a good work out before the races. Then there was official 'photos and the big opening which delayed the start until about 19:40, then we were off, an 8 lap scratch. I just sat in, felt a few spits of rain. The next race was a a cat scratch, someone moved onto the blue line and skidded off. By now it was spitting rain, we waqited about but it got worse so it was called off. Went in for a couple of beers with the Halesowen bosses and DeRosa. Then home and drank a bottle and a half of red.
Saturday did a 20 mile plod in the afternoon, same on sunday. Had some more wine on Saturday.
Monday morning in Minworth, then in office for the rest of the week.
Did 15 miles of 30 sec. intervals on Tuesday at Wood End, then had a club meeting in the Red Lion.
Wednesday was freezing ! Went and plodded around feeling miserable and cold round Lea End.
Thursday did a decent Gambolds run, 23 miles at 19+ mph.
Track league on this evening, weather permitting ! The forecast is rain, looks OK now. If its rained off, might be more wine !