Friday, September 16, 2005

No strange dreams, nothing of note. Except my weight is at 80.4Kg, down from 83 when I arrived back from holidays. So to celebrate I got up at 6.15 and cooked myself a massive toast and bacon breakfast. Felt really, really low mid-week. Wednesday David was at his school's open evening, taking people round to impress them with the facilities and the calibre of the puplils, i.e. him. On the way home I bought a bottle of beer and a bottle of red. Sat in the garden with the telescope aimed at the moon, excellent, and later Mars. Also bought a decent pair of headphones for my MP3 player so drank wine, beer, looked at the stars and listened to music. Which was good, probably the last chance as I promised Jayne I'd cut out the alcohol, and the weathers got a lot colder.
Might have a double bacon cheeseburger later on. As my weight loss is doing so well.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Strange dream 13 September 2005
I was somewhere in the country, I walked to a shop, went to a little shop to buy Sunday newspapers they didn't have many, went outside, went to a pub, went back to a big shop by the little shop, they had more newspapers. Went back to the pub, walked down a road down a hill. It was all nice and green rolling countryside. The little shop was a sort of hut, the big one like a mini supermarket. And the meaning of all that is: I might go and buy a Sunday newspaper, then have a drink.
Ho hum. Also 22 weeks since I last saw Ms. White, 12th April for a horrible meal in that crappy pub. Live and learn.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday. Boo hiss.
Lst night woke up at 02.15 hearing the 'phone. Went down but it was in Joannes room, there was a message which Jayne played, from next door, the big metal containers the builders use was on fire. Next door called the fire brigade but it seemed to take them ages to put the fire out. A bit of excitement ! A firman climbed into our garden from next dor and out over our new fence. Biggest worry was that the fence would set on fire !
Apart from that, odd weekend.
Friday was a meeting day, had a quiz, our team got 4th. Had pizza and wine. Had a bottle of wine in the back garden.
Saturday it was wet all day. ought some beer from Sainsbury's and watched Last Night of the Proms. I was happy as they played 'Rule Brittainia'.
Sunday collected Dad for dinner, and put wood stain on the posts & trellis we're putting up on the fence between us & next door to screen us from the new houses.