Friday, September 16, 2005

No strange dreams, nothing of note. Except my weight is at 80.4Kg, down from 83 when I arrived back from holidays. So to celebrate I got up at 6.15 and cooked myself a massive toast and bacon breakfast. Felt really, really low mid-week. Wednesday David was at his school's open evening, taking people round to impress them with the facilities and the calibre of the puplils, i.e. him. On the way home I bought a bottle of beer and a bottle of red. Sat in the garden with the telescope aimed at the moon, excellent, and later Mars. Also bought a decent pair of headphones for my MP3 player so drank wine, beer, looked at the stars and listened to music. Which was good, probably the last chance as I promised Jayne I'd cut out the alcohol, and the weathers got a lot colder.
Might have a double bacon cheeseburger later on. As my weight loss is doing so well.


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