Friday, February 08, 2002

Oh crap. One of my customers is going to use another system, so my services there wont be wnated any more. Oh crap. A ggod source of income dried up.
Oh crap. Where do I sign on the dole ?

Thursday, February 07, 2002

Its Thursday, and this morning I collected a nice light racing frame. A bit pricey, put ultra light handlebars, stem and carbon fibre seat-post and forks on.
Now I'm just going to spend this evening admiring it. It is far too good to ever ride on, and as for racing, no ! I might chip the paintwork or damage it !
And I'll do some work also.
Saw a new car I like the look of.

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Wednesday evening, 06 Feb 2002. Oh well an evening at home. Tired after a long drive. Too tired to enjoy being at home, and I have to get up early again tomorrow morning to drive back up North. At least I'm at home and not in some hotel.
Oh well, its a living, just about.
Wednesday. Therefore half way through the vale of tears aka the working week.
Today I have to not only train a customer, but have got one of my colleauges with me to help on this project, and before he helps me I have to get him going on this software. This means instead of getting work done to help me on the project, I will be falling behind as I help him with the software. Work eh ? What fun.

Mystic Malcs prdiction of the day;
Pisces; You will develop an irrational fear of the letter 'U', and later on this evening you will be menaced by a man wearing a bear suit.
If it is your birthday today all of your friends will laugh at you behind your back, because your best freind pinned a 'kick me' notice on you.

Leo; Giant toads will fall from the sky, completely ruining your plans to build a garden shed.

Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Often and sometimes I am frightened of bananas, usually grapes can give me a shock, especially in the dark. Certain types of fruit are more menacing than root vegetables, unless Saturn is in conjunction with a water melon.
Its Tuesday and it is SUNNY. Very unusuall for these northern parts and worthy of note.
Apart from the sun, work is crap, getting crapper. Will I ever be able to earn lots of money for little or no effort ? I should be a salesman.
Tuesday. Another day, another doughnut (Thats donut for our American cousins, y'all)
Well, no doughnuts really as I'm watching my kilos (Thats pounds for our American cousins, y'all).
Pushed some heavy bits of metal up and down and pedalled nowhere for 12 minutes in the gym yesterday evening.
Not much fun, but it makes room for more beer and less guilt.
Drank some beer.
Went to bed.
Woke up and it is Tuesday. See above.

Monday, February 04, 2002

So my first-ever blog worked. Well thats good as it saves my having to re-type all that nonsense, and it would'nt be the same the second time around.
Oh look, it is still raining here, thats not unusual, Greater Manchester has one of the highest average yearly rainfalls for any city in the UK.
But one good thing, its not too cold.
Another good thing is we are more than half way through the day, onlyanother 3 and a half hours to endure.
Today is Monday, which would be crap, except I have a new toy - the weBLOGer to play with, which is more fun than working, or so I hope.
Yesterday was Sunday, but the day before was Saturday, a good day (except for the rain and wind).
End of my first ever web log.
Weight: 74 Kilo, approx.
Resting Heart Rate; 48.
Fitness; so so. Could be better.

Wahey, I can put all sorts of rubbish on here, which no-one ever, ever, except for me, probably, will read !
Weather; wet, cool
Location; In a dull office, Horwich, Greater Manchester, UK.