Thursday, September 05, 2002

Thursday and here I am in Horwich. Working. Ugh.
Yesterday evening I turned up for the bash. Arrived at six, did a lap on my own. Then 4 turned up. Finished off just me and Nick on the last lap. Which was odd, training with someone that I used to train with back in the summer of 1976 on the old Mercury bash. Jeez, thats 26 years ago. Right. Monday was a nice spin out to Hopwood, Barnt Green, Gambolds, up hill to Jinney Ring, Stock Grren over ford, Bradley Green, up to Bentley, Tardebigge.
Tuesday was longer, Cofton, over to Catshill, Belbroughton, Chaddesley, Cutnall Green, lanes round Doverdale, Droitwich, past Jinney Ring, Pikes Pool, over Lickey, Cofton. 45 miles & felt tired at the end. (Avg of 18 mph). Sort of overcast with some hazy sun, warm.
Not sure about this evening. Booked in at Jarvis, dont know if I should have a night of over-indulgence, or take it easy. Planning a ride whatever. Forecast was bad, but at the moment it is sunny !

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Ooh, such a long break from Blogging, and from work & computers in general. But here I am back on a Wednesday afternoon. I had eased my way back into the daily grind by attending a talk on new programming skills in the office. Yesterday I did 45 miles in hazy sun. Today I'm going to finish here soon, drive to meet the lads on the training bash. Tomorrow I'm off to Bolton once again.
So, since the Sunday in August, I rode the Tuesday Warwicks '10 and did 23.49, rode the Wed bash, did 145 miles in 5 days. On Friday I did a 12 mile pootle and felt pretty tired. Drove down to Devon and really felt tired Saturday evening. Went on the beach Sunday, oh boy it was hot ! Burned my stomach. Stupid. didn't put sun-cream there. Went to Plymouth, Dartmoor and drove through Torquay but it was really busy so didn't stop. Most evening drank beer, sometimes wine, often both. Eat far too much crisps and chocolate. Gained quite a few pounds. I'll have to knuckle down and train hard until the last race (At the end of September, only 4 more to go). Last night had a couple of beers and a bottle of red. Tomorrow I might do the same.