Friday, April 27, 2007

Balti !

Staple diet of drunken Brummies !
Earth Day !

Last Sunday was Earth Day

I celebrated Earth Day with a little bit of target practise at the HFT club, but forgot to do a whole lot of driving with my air conditioning on full whilst eating a burger.

Ho, and indeed hum. Apart from my non-observance of Earth Day I have nothing to note.
So I won't. That was interesting.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Santa Barbara, California:

Almost as nice as Cannock Chase. A very busy week, the flight was cramped, but made more bearable by flying on Mr. Branson's nice jet, with a screen in the seatback, that allowed my to watch the Mighty Boosh and other stuff. Plus I had a window seat, so I was treated to the beauties of

Southern Greenland:
Note the frozen sea, snow, ice and lack of dead polar bears.

And the West coast of California was cold and windy, on Friday it rained, and the mountains were covered in snow over 3000'. Damn that global warming, bringing cold weather !
Was very ill on Monday and Tuesday, probably a combination of too much pizza, booze and the flight.
The work was horrible, as i knew it would be. At least I was able to avoid simple Simon and healthy Phil. Met Roy with the boat and Steve from Noo Yoik. I'm sure I worked with him in 1995 at Borax, he can't remember. Really good chaps. And Roy is a poet as well as a salty tar !
Eventually made it back to Hopwood services, where Mrs C. collected me.
Now to face the rest of my life, with no more trips on the immediate horizon.