Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cannock Chase:

Which is where I was last Wednesday. A week later its not so good.
Sod everything. Wednesday, in the office and this stinks.
Whatever happened to optimism and the future ?
Next week, no, this Saturday, I have to travel to the head office in California.
California, land of the lefty liberals, oh dear. Plus I have to travel with Mr. Healthy-I-never-drink-or-eat-unhealthy-food-man and Mr Loudy-hows-it-going-man.
Fuck fuck fuck.
Some busybody wants all blogs with possible swearing to carry a warning. Fuck fuck fuckitty-fuck.
Some other busybodies want flying to have a health warning, as its bad for polar bears. Fuck polar bears. I hope the ice sheets all melt, so they'll have to live on a rock somewhere. (Which won't happen as we are in the midst of an ice age).
Some other busybodies are removing teaching about the Crusades and the Holocaust from school classes, at it might offend those easily-upset muslims. Fuck 'em all, cunts.