Friday, August 02, 2002

Friday and the rain is pissing down. I am staying over tonight to watch the Commonwealth Games RRs tomorrow, which seemed a good idea on Monday when the sun was shining, but todat seems so fucking stupid.
And I sat up in the bar until 01.30 drining vodka & lime, playing dominoes for 1 quid a game and losing about 20 quid. What a wanker. Woke up this morning with back-ache, is this my kidneys and liver complaining at the excess of alcohol ?
If so I had better pack it in. Didn't enjoy last night one bit. What is the point of having a heavy bout of drinking if I don't enjoy it ?

Thursday, August 01, 2002

Not good news from the office, we lost a big deal, which means we will have a few people not earning income. Bad news indeed.
Yesterday was mostly rain, today started dry, but oh shit, now its raining. Ho hum. I went out in the damp, rode up to Matchmoor and did 6 horrible hard uphill sprints at up to 93% max HR. Didn't feel as sick as the last time I did these a couple of weeks back. Maybe I didn't work hard enough ?
They were interesting for a couple of reasons, I was up at 328 M (1100 feet) and into the clouds, so visibility was 100 M, and I built up a layer of condensation, but it was warm. Very odd. And a guy parked his car, then out jumped a dog and he proceeded to walk his dog by driving along behind it as the little dog walked down the road. Lazy sod.
Was having an early night, the room next door seems to be inhabited by a tribe of non-stop-talking geordies. OK. fine, but when they carry on with their non-stop-geordie-talking at 0100 in the morning I felt a tad pissed off. So as an act of petty revenge I set my alarm to 06:15, and when it roused me from my slumbers (and an odd dream, I was in a high building, in US and could see as far as some mountains in the east, then ran around the top, erm, sort of linked up with another dream about high buildings. I'm only scared of hieghts in dreams) I proceeded to make as much noise as possible, banged drawers open & shut, banged the bathroom door, banged about in the wardrobe, put the tv on loud. Well I hope this fucked any plan they had to lie in bed.
So today, wet, ugh. If it is dry I'll see if any MK guys come out to play. If wet I'll go a drive round.
Shit, this work is boring.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Wednesday and halfway through the working week. Yesterday evening was dank, damp, drizzly, wet. So I didn't train. I drove out past where the bash meets, no-one there, not surprisingly. Bought stuff to eat, no crisps. Had a bottle of wine watching tv. Slept OK. I really should have trained yesterday as today it is pissing down. Er, no. Its eased off somewhat now. Forecast is for rain, rain and more rain with maybe some sunny bits, if we are lucky. The track cycling starts in earnest today from the Commonwealth Games. I'll be able to watch it on tv but there are no tickets left. If I am still here in September I can watch the World Masters Games. I must get a track bike, I fancy myself for the 1000 M time trial and the pursuit.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Almost the end of July, which means I have just about a month to file my tax returns. Shit.
Yesterday went and watched the Commonwealth Games mountainbike race, and I really had fun ! A great race, lots of spectators and an excellent atmosphere. At the end wending my way down through Rivington to the road and went past a pub ! Set in the Rivington park, it was empty and sold Theakstones best bitter at one pound eighty a pint. Spent a happy hour in the sun drinking 5 pints. Mmmmm.
Nice and warm, about 25 celcius.
So under the stupid ideas caused by alcohol I rode up towards Winter Hill along the road, then turned off along a cobbled track, which must be one of the bumpiest trackes ever, anywhere. After a mile or so of this I decided to go into the bike shop in Horwich (The same one I went in earlier to buy and get a bottle cage fitted onto my mtb) and get 'em to fit some suspension forks. They have Marzocchi at 200 quid for the good ones. So bumped my way into the main street, some driver cut in front of me, I gave him the finger and he stopped & shouted at me to get off that fucking bike. Well I got off that fucking bike, but the sight of a tall rider with well-defined stringy purposeful arms & legs made hime realise that a punch-up wasn't the best option so he argued a bit, backed down and buggered off. Went in the shop and the idiot bike mechanic that couldn't fit a bottle cage went to get the brochure to see what sort of forks I wanted, after looking at the ones on display and getting confused. Well I just left, he should have directed the other guy who knows something more about bike stuff than he does. Thats a lost sale.
Back to the hotel, bit of a rest to get over the Theakstones, then out round Eagley, Belmont, over Winter Hill, took it really easy, remembering its a rest day, so slow postman pace.
At the hotel had a really nice steak and chips for dinner. Sat on bed, considered going to the bar again, but sleep was the better option.
Oh shit, its raining again.
So probably no training tonight. What a shame. I'm feeling that my knees are under strain after 2 days racing and riding and walking around yesterday.

Monday, July 29, 2002

Monday. Aha. Oh, good. Today I am taking the afternnon off to watch the Commonwealth Games Mountain bike race, whic is quite conviniently around Rivington Pile, just about a mile from where I am now sitting. So I have taken my mountain bike with me. Woo hoo ! Cycle racing to watch, and it was on telly over the weekend, the time trial and then the 1 km. track tt. Excellent.
Oh yes, the weekends fun: Saturday was a 45 m road race. Collected the ever-later Pete, off to Astley. Rodfe it. Had a go and rode hard at the front, as opposed to lurking at the back. Now I'm beginning to get my confidence so am not scared to attack and ride hard, knowing I am strong and fit enough to ride hard until the end. Tried to get away on the last hill, plans sort of ballsed up by a truck that got mixed up with us, which we overtook at 45 -50 mph downhill. Then tried to follow Chris Singletons wheel for the sprint, but got moved aside, then came round to try and get forward on the right hand side, couldn't get round, so then back to the left , and started to squeeze through. Final sprint gave it big licks, maybe should have used a bigger gear, got 9th ! This is the best I have ever done in a bunch sprint.
Had some beer and half a bottle of wine on Saturday evening.
Sunday, went off in car and rode Midland RT '11. Did 26.57, 4th fastest. Winner did (I think) 25.50. So a minute fasster. Got beaten by 10 seconds by a woman (Well she was nat. womans 10 champ). Then the rest of the day was as usual.