Thursday, December 04, 2003

Wot a lorra lorra posts this week !
Today agonised over whether to go to the 'do' at Horwich, stopping therefore at the Swallowfield in a crappy little room, or getting in at Etrop, a nice place and possibly spending the night with Hazel. Well, I opted for spending the night with Hazel.
My last stay at the Swallowfield was a dead loss, John went out somewhere, didn't invite me and I just eventually sat and drank in my room, fell asleep at 11.50. Went into the bar ar 01.30 and John was there but talking incoherently and keeping falling asleep through drink. I booked the Saturday of the meal. Then a couple of weeks later I rang to ask about getting a reference for Hazel, but he refused point blank. AND I wasn't booked in the hotel. So I'll forget the Swallowfield for a while. I will send a Christmas card though. Just think, I bought him an expensive bottle of port last year.
So, this means I should have more time on Saturday, I won't have to rush to be at the Beehive at 18.30 for the taxi. I won't have to pay for the taxi either. But I will need a reason for my non-appearance.
Today is good in the office, no-one behind me so I am able to spend lots of time in the net ! And feel relaxed about posting here, without the feeling of being overlooked all the time.
Tried to call the bike shop in Bromsgrove where I ordered my track wheels, but no reply.
Weight training hurt more this week, my weight isn't down at all. Stomach not hurting so much, must be doing me some good.
The track season starts later, April I think the first events are. So losing the odd week because of work shouldn't be too bad.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Ugh, two bad things. I have been asked to do some work in Jakarta, in some shithole Far-Eastern country
brimming with mad-eyed mullahs. I don't want to go.
And I have to do some work in Leamington where the git works. Ugh. Not too happy at all of this.
Aprt from that, weight training hurt yesterday evening.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Work is crap, don't like bieng here, well, I'm in Dusseldorf next week, so thats a nice change.
Home - well, its a mess, in the sense of being untidy.
Ho fucking hum.
Monday. Really ? Oh yes.
Erm, last Monday and Wednesday evening went weight training. That was hard work.
Tuesday a day near Mansfield, home late & bought a bottle of red. Thursday into Manchester, home vey late.
Friday did a turbo session.
Saturday out in appalling rain and wind. To Feckenham. Drip drip drippity drip.
Sunday, dry and sunny and even fairly mild !!! Club run to Kenilworth, cafe full.
Sunday evening more wine.
And once again, Monday. Felt very depressed this morning, maybe the after-effects of alcohol.
Sent H a text saying I could get her more money this week, that got a reply. So I am wondering
am I being used ?